Healing Arts . Direct Experience Alchemyst
Heart-Soul Alchemist, Sonic & Visual Arts, Writing Vessel, Embodiment
“When a system is far from equilibrium, small islands of coherence have the capacity to shift the entire system.”
Ilya Prigogine

My breath is my compass.
I'm honoured by your presence here.
So we can be a bridge to this moment Here and Now.

Throughout this lifetime I've been connected to artistic expressions. I translate the energy in several ways for the collective and my journey has transformed many times, through death-rebirth alchemised experiences.
I'm grateful for all my un-learners, teachers, reflections, for being part of this school of life
I reclaim my light to shine bright.​​​​​​​

My heart is my medicine.
It's intuitive for me to see the potential and divine in you - I Am. You Are.

Deep from a Heart-Soul expansion, I facilitate the reconnection of the human being back to its essence,
the heart. Consciousness Awareness, Authentic Co-relation,  humanistic perspectives in place.
So I include in my healing practices from artistic activations to healing foundations.
Mainly using my hands, touch, and deep sense of love and gratitude.
She is Holograms: the maiden, the honey queen, the sage. 
Mystic, lover, the self-directed maestro.

Life is but a [cosmic] dance, contrast, mirrors.
I'll meet you there.
Background Path
∞ Degree in Design - Specialization in Visual Design & Communication and Photography Post Studies ∞ 
∞ Shamanic Studies ∞ Jungian Studies ∞ Alchemy & Spagyrics ∞ Trauma-Informed Therapies, Massage Trainings ∞
∞ Movement Researcher, Writing Passionnée & Sound Activator ∞
∞ International Honours Mentions in Photography Awards such as IGPOTY and IPA ∞

Double Sagg Mystic & Initiatior: love for travelling across Portugal, Morocco, Ireland, Turkey, Thailand, UK, Canada, ...
as much as growing plants & flowers in a back garden, dreaming of scents and flavours.
Side Note: let the children share this deep love for Mother Gaia.
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Healing. Mysticism. Innovation. Cross disciplinary senses. Futuristic. Design. Image Creation.
Alchemy. Healing Arts. Metaphysics. Quantum. Research.

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